GBUI Crashes when textured

Just curious to know if anyone else is having or has a solution to my problem …

I'm working on my GUI … I would like the windows to have background images … but for some reason GBUI keeps crashing when I use my own images.

What I mean is if I choose one of the already made style classes like …

closebutton {

parent: titlebutton;

background: image "rsrc/textures/close.png" centerxy;


if I use this class for a BWindow like …

BWindow.setStyleClass("closebutton ");

all works fine and the close.png image is now the background, now if I change the close.png image to something else like one of my own personally made images, the GBUI crashes. What is the difference between my image and the ones that came with GBUI??


It seems in the mean time I have found somthing else … when setting a style for a window such as …


all is well … but then if I want to set a style for a button I placed in this window such as …


GBUI again crashes … very frustrating.

all this setup happends in the same method BTW.

interesting… and this only happens with the image you provide?  Try checking the image size…I know there used to be a bug related to textures in powers of two or something so 16x16 32x32 24x24, etc would be fine but 16x18 wouldn't work.

Can you post the code you're calling and the image so I can run it locally and see what's going on?

As well, are you running JME 2.0 or another flavor?

Any update on the image size that you had provided?  or the JME flavor you're running against?

And can you post your code that you're using to call the updates to the classes, etc? that way I can go through and identically replicate your issue - the image you're using would be helpful as well.

actually I've moved away from this particular project at the moment. When I have completed what I am doing at the moment I will get back into it and past the code. I do believe my image is the same size as the original one that came with the gui.