GBUI GUI Editor (WYSIWYG?) and BSS questions

Hi… is there any way I could find a GUI Editor specifically for GBUI? or is it not available yet?.. because Swing already has GUI Editors such as Netbeans IDE in which you do not have to code everything about the design and instead concentrate on the listeners for these controls… and is there also any reference to BSS… I know as described in its wiki page that BSS is almost the same as CSS… although while comparing them both… I see so much difference so that I need some reference on where I could refer to how to make BSS sheets for GBUI… if there is anything you could help me with… please reply…

There is a reference and I thought we'd posted the links to the BSS info on a previous thread, I'll have to look.  As for a GUI editor, no there isn't one…however, I can help you set up your display if you want.  It's all pretty easy.  I don't use the BSS to do the layout, I use the "swing-like" coding to do the layouts (which there are MANY MANY examples in the test folder.)  As for BSS coding, there are some differences in functionality, mainly BSS doesn't have as much, but if you understand CSS, you should have no difficulty understanding BSS which also has many many examples in the rsrc directory (any *.bss) file.

Again, either of which I can help you with.

Here’s the link to the GBUI101 tutorial on the jmonkeyengine wiki…it covers some of the BSS basics.

What are you trying to do with BSS that you’re having an issue with?


Actually, I also do swing-like programming on making layouts on my GUI… Although it would be more beneficial if there was any WYSIWYG editor for GBUI… thanks btw on changing the topic name… so that you'll have to focus more on the fuctionality of listeners and handlers that is to be incorporated on the GUI instead of mingling minutes and even hours on the layouts themselves… sadly, as you said, there isn't one…

what I would actually like to do with the BSS is to make the look-and-feel of the existing BSS more enticing, not sure on what word should I use, so that it could compete with the look of Swing GUIs plus it runs smoothly in LWGL… I'd like to have a more nroad understanding of this BSS so I could make my GUI look good… im not saying that the existing look, the orange one, doesn't look good… it just doesn't match my taste… face it… it doesn't look much cool with you either…LOL

I think I have yet to encounter a situation with the GUI that I'd need a WYSIWYG for BUI…the LayoutManagers are just about the same as Swing…there's a horizontal, vertical, border and other layouts that align your pieces.  As with Swing, if you want to do a BorderLayout then do all vertical, you have to add another component and make a layout for that component.

As for BSS, each style can be associated with a named style or based on the component type.  E.g. a button can have a style for it in total, or you can have a style for the hover portion as well as the down, if it's been selected or if it's been disabled.  In rsrc there are examples of these for button, checkbox, combobox, dialogbutton, menu, messages, scrollbar, titlebutton, and window