Are there any tutorials on creating bss files to be used with gbui?

No, actually.  I know mr simpson and I have discussed writing some, but haven’t done so.

I’ll add that to the defects list on documentation as well.

Here’s a basic explanation

Here is some of mjsimpson’s work explaining basic BSS

lemmie know if you have any questions.

All of the information is a basic start and appreciated?  Is there any resource available that lists what values can be set for individual widgets?  Are they covered in the individual bss sheets that are in the rsrc folder of the download?

the rsrc folder - style2.bss has a majority of styles in it.  In one of the articles I posted by mjsimpson there's a list of some of the attributes that can be set by component.

There is no definitive list of values and attributes.

Thank you…

In the CollapsingTiledMessageWindowTest the constructor for the BTitledWindow has the title bar and the status bar dispaying the same text.  There is no text in the status bar and if you change the text for the status bar in the constructor of the BTitledWindow the text in the title bar changes.  Is this a bug or a default behavior if you do not create a BStatusBar object and attach it to the window?

I am going to say that's a bug.  Lemmie pull up the code and see what's going on.  I should have a fix checked in in the next hour or so

Thanx for the quick reply.  Will check back later.

After reading further, I realized that it is not actually using a BTiltledWindow and using a message window. Sorry for jumping the gun.

We all jump the gun every once in a while.

I'm still going to look at the code…It sounds like I didn't set the value correctly anyway

Are there any settings to make the border with rounded edges?  If not, do I need to use an image with the border drawn and use if for the background?  How would I set the border not to drawn for widgets?

I don't think there is a setting for making rounded edges on a border.  I can certainly write the OGL code to do so, but there is currenly no setting.

As for the border around widgets, I believe border:0px, I'll have to double check that in the bss, but I think that will work

Thank you for the reply. I will keep checking back.