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Last post on March 13, 2009…

today this was what was showing before i posted something on this forum. While this forum(as a whole, and not as this single sub-forum) is great for many of my game questions, some of it sections are simply dead, and i think that this one is the “deadest” of then…

For the sake of those interested as i am on advanced discussion on topics that the especific forum is “dead” (such as asking if saving all information about the F, G and H values of the nodes and the last found path as well during a A* alogarithm for other unities use as well would be a good or bad idea, this would not realy work neither give fast awnser on this especific sub-forum) i sugest that each “dead” forum have a Stick post with links to more focused forums on each those topics, for newbies interested on those areas that don’t even know where to search!

i googled something about A* today, however i fail to google for a good forum for my questions on the subject, the only links i found was on the great article about A* for newbs and so im posting then here, if any Mod find interesting my proposal, i ask that you could post those links (and the “great article about A* for newbs” as well) on a stick post as this one is more like a sugestion than a “link to some forums that are more especializated on this aspect than this especifc sub-forum” tipic :smiley:

here are the links i found up to now: - This is a blog of a guy that have a lot of interest on AI, and other things. - GameDev AI Forum, for the number of topics and awnser seens to be very active ;D

altough i haven’t searched on neither of then, GameDev seens to be great (and i happened to discover it as i wrote this topic lol)

I have previously created an 'agent' system for game AI (look it up). My second (simpler) version requires some refinement that I am still working on (minor really). I am considering releasing it free to jME2 so that everyone can add scaled intelligence to their games. The aim of this system is to use reflection in Java to create 'abilities' that are either queued (polling) or proactive (activated via a blackboard). If there is interest is will finish off the code and release it for free for the community.

Sounds very cool!  I'm sure many would be interested in such a system…  (perhaps you'd like to start a new thread though ;))