Generating a UML diagram of the JME Engine

I’ve been trying to generate a UML diagram for the Jmonkeyengine using various tools that would take in jar files and generate a UML diagram based on what was in the jar file. Unfortunately these programs such as JUG (Java UML Generator), class visualizer, to name a few have been having troubles trying to parse the jar files. Is there a way to generate a UML diagram automatically for Jmonkeyengine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried with Bouml?

I never found a actual tool that can do something like this in an acceptable way for more than simple examples,
however it might help for different tools to
→ Try it on manually extracted jar files instead
→ Try it on the source

It’s possible with Objecteering for sure but I would prefer to suggest something free.

Would it be possible to do it through the javadoc?