Generating multiple chunks that look normal in the "Cubes" plugin

This question is for those of you who know what the plugin “Cubes” is and how to use it. I currently have a project that generates only one chunk but that’s the problem! I want it to generate more and I want it to look nice (not like a huge, rocky, slanting slope). The guide under documentation doesn’t give much help or information as to how to use the plugin and their method of using shadows also did not work for me (so if someone has a solution to that too, it would be well appreciated!)

If anyone knows the answer to my question, please do not hesitate to tell me! Thanks!


Don’t bump please. The reason you don’t get an answer isn’t because nobody saw your post. You are not asking any question, you don’t tell us why what you want to do doesn’t work, you just inform us that you are clueless.