Get camera information


i dont have much time working with jme, and maybe what i need is basic, but … can you help me??


i’m based on “TestCameraMan”, i added a monitor camera the one im showing at side,

but i dont know where the information of this camera goes, to the Renderer?? to the Texture??

how can i get it from there??

i need to get the information of color of each pixel of the camera image to then do segmentation of the image

thanks four your help

converting screen to texture :

painting texture :

hi tralala, thanks

but i have one question, can i use it to for jme2?? because i see the libraries are in com.jme3…, and i didnt find them in jme2 :S or do they have a different name?? or i need to change something??

because the project i’m working on is in jme2 and i cant move to jme3 till i finish this part.

thanks a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

mmm sorry i dont know anything about jme2.

ok, dont worry, thanks any way n_n

i’ll try to change it to jme 2