Get the game state using Multithreading

I’ve been trying out Java Monkey’s multi threading recently via the wiki’s tutorial ( Since I didn’t want to fuss with servers, I made a program which creates some cubes using the ‘Cube’ library, and then serializes it to some byte data. The aim is to imitate a chunk being sent from the server, which would occur in a separate thread. Each chunk would have it’s own object to store it, and the chunk would be replaced if the server sent either an update of the chunk, or if the player moved into a new region. The code is here. The issue is though, is that I need to recreate an empty chunk before I can read from the bytes, which requires collecting the application settings. The app object is inaccessible however from the thread, and I couldn’t understand that section on the wiki. I know this sounds pretty basic, but would anyone be able to help me get the app object into the thread like so (line 108)?

[java]BlockTerrainControl data = new BlockTerrainControl(CubesTestAssets.getSettings(application), new Vector3f());[/java]