Getting all the hits when picking terrain


i am currently working on terrain and picking. For a project i need to know all the terrain hits when sending a ray. Sadly the BresenhamTerrainPicker that is used when using collideWith returns only the first hit and aborts after that (as stated in the documentation).
Is there an easy solution to get all the hits? Or do i have to modify the BresenhamTerrainPicker for that?


Are you using the documented in here and here?, it should gives you a collection (CollisionResults) with all the results, you have to just iterate over that collection. Maybe you could post the piece of code that is failing?

A simple solution would be to do another ray test in the same direction from the first hit on.

Yes, i use the picking documented there. But as i said the terrain picking is not programmed to deliver more than the first hit.

Thanks normen. That has to do the trick for now ;).