Getting started (CVS and other troubles)

I’m having a pile of problems getting jme setup, first thing I did was got me lwjgl .95… a previous thread pretty much explains where that got me… no apparent way to download an archived version from the lwjgl site so I decide to bite the bullet and go the cvs route since .94 should be included… and wouldn’t ya know it, wincvs has apparently been updated too and the instructions don’t match up… there isn’t a general tab anymore (ARGH), apparently the command line deal replaces it, only when I put the info in for the command line as shown in getting started it gives me an error stating

Unknown command: `pserver


I'm pretty lost at this point, I'm not familiar with cvs and much has changed since getting started was written.

But on a lighter note... the starter.pdf file contains an error in the helloworld example, someone forgot to put a space on the line that reads

Boxb = new Box("Mybox", ... (Box b), not likely to trip up an experienced programmer or nothin but I've had trouble at every step of installation and figured that'd be an easy one to fix (I got so far as trying to run things before I realized .95 lwjgl was an issue). Any help on getting the cvs stuff setup is appreciated, I'm lookin forward to gettin some of that tutorial run through so I can get on to making some new toys.

Sorry, I’m not that familiar with the new wincvs. CVSROOT should be :pserver:[your id]

So if you can find a place to input that info…

I use eclipse for cvs access and am quite happy with it.

Thanks for the typo, we’ll get it fixed.

The line that worked for me is below, I don’t know if guest would have worked or not as I ended up using my login at gamedev, the line you gave me kept complaining about ext didn’t support login or something like that. The new wincvs client apparently just has cvsroot login on any dialog that would require it.


This is another issue with the getting started instructions, the entire page is completely devoid of backslash characters, so all the lines that give path information are pretty much wrong and can create some issues for people not familiar with the command line (and in my case people familiar with it). I don’t know if it’s an issue with xml that you can’t have a backslash char, but I see at least one line with a forward slash which is better than nothing (or the brute force method of making everything cdata would probably work… assuming there is a reason a backslash won’t work or can’t be escaped normally).

Hmmm, you’re right, wonder how that happened…