Getting the right lwjgl version

i wanted to download the jme.jar and use it to run a compiled jme program (didn't want to check out the whole jme project from cvs). the problem was getting the dependencies. on the lwjgl site(and sourceforge) you can obtain only the latest version, which is not what jme needs. i suppose you see where the problem is: you can use jme only if you check out from the repository. if this is ment to be this way, i see no use of distributing the jar separately. if not, there should be a way to get those dependencies.

lwjgl's older versions are available right next to the latest oneā€¦  Just click on thier link for the latest version, then when it takes you to sourceforge, look down the page for previous versions.

you are right of course. i have to apologize  :frowning:

No worries.  :slight_smile: