GhostControl collision detection Problems encountered

I use minie

I forget where I read that GhostControl uses AABB for all collision bodies other than box collisions.

The problem I’m having is that I need to use GhostControl and I need to use a sphere or capsule for collision detection, but I want to do it in a more accurate way than AABB.

Since I only need to do collision detection between colliding bodies and return the result, but GhostControl is not precise detection but only AABB detection, I don’t know if minie has any other way of collision detection, if so please let me know thank you very much!

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Correction: GhostControl.getOverlappingObjects() uses AABB for all shapes, including BoxCollisionShape.

Minie has other collision-detection mechanisms besides GhostControl. Many of these use the actual collision shapes, making them much more precise than AABB.

The Minie tutorial contains a good overview of collision detection:
Managing collisions :: The Minie project

You say you want to detect intersection of spheres or capsules. Perhaps you should use pairTest():


Sorry to pull up this thread again.

I’m having a problem I’m currently using contactTest, is there a way for contactTest to use ContactListener for continuous detection?

Or is there another way for me to do continuous collision detection?

Check out the PhysicsTickListener, to test always, after the physics updated.