GitHub Issue Templates

I suggest creating issue templates for bug reports and feature requests at least, this could improve the performance of development and save us much time focusing on the real issues and also it will help people who are not familiar with GitHub to get started if they have any issues running the engine.

If you guys are concerned, let me know, I could help with this, there are already plug-and-play available GitHub issue templates provided by GitHub, but we could create our own, for example create-issue.

Issue templates are created under .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.


Can the issue template say “Did you trouble shoot this on the forum first?”

…else I don’t find we waste too much time on the other issues so I don’t have a strong opinion about that. Plenty of time spent pointing folks to the forum, though.


Yeah it could say “Drop the forums discussion thread link” hint for your issue, you could customize it and if someone don’t like the provided templates, they could proceed with the blank issue.