Github markdown updates broke Zay-ES wiki

Just an FYI: Github recently changed their markdown processor. Apparently, some of the Zay-ES wiki is not compatible with the new parser, and some of the formatting and internal links are broken.

I’d offer a PR, but github wikis do not allow PRs. I’m not listed as a collaborator, nor should I be, and I certainly understand wanting to control access to the wiki, so I can’t edit directly.

Can you point out some of the things that are wrong?

I’ve seen the link in the sidebar but I’m not even sure why that one isn’t working anymore.

Ah… I guess they stopped allowing spaces in the file names.

And this part is dumb on GH’s part.

I guess you guys don’t have the “Clone this wiki locally” in the lower right like I do, either.

I can certainly clone it, but any changes would have to be sent via PM or email, as I can’t fork, push, or otherwise make updates available.