GitHub Support

I’m new to GitHub and I’ve noticed that the engine has support for it. I’ve poked around a little bit but ultimately, I have no clue what I’m doing. Is there are documentation or any tutorials for how to use GitHub with jMonkeyEngine?


I don’t understand your question. What kind of support do you expect.
JME project (code, assets) can be versionned via git or any scm. If you versionned .j3o, .blend, .obj, .fbx, image, textures, then configure them as binary files. Other .java, .j3m, j3md are text files.
JME project doen’t store some project’ meta-data as binary (like Unity).

Simply make a github repo

Add your project folder into the repo

Push when you like :stuck_out_tongue:

Github for Windows is really useful!

If you need more help check out the IRC on #jmonkeyengine

We don’t really “do GitHub” differently than anyone else, so if you’re confused about how we do things you probably just need to read up on how Git and GitHub do things: