Glow in "how_to_use_materials"

This tutorial says to setColor(“Glow”,ColorRGBA.White);

However, glow color is named differently than the other colors (diffuse, specular, etc).

This line in the tutorial needs to be setColor(“GlowColor”,ColorRGBA.White);

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Good find.

Remember, anyone can edit the wiki. I will give you internet points if you change it :).

(very top of the page in the gray header, says Wiki with a down arrow)

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Ah, I didn’t see a way to edit it, because I wasn’t logged in.

I noticed another error right below it:

mat.setFloat(“Glow”, ColorRGBA.Black);

Which is a bit more ridiculous.

I’m gonna correct that while I’m at it.


Cool, thanks @valentiinro!

Thanks for fixing, some things were still not updated from the alpha drafts.