GLSL Plugin for Eclipse

For all others who use Eclipse, this little plugin I found might prove useful.


cool thanks for sharing.

but is there a particular reason you use eclipse? looks like netbeans except worse.

Well I just prefer the workflow with it. Think of it like changing the Os you use, the other might be equally good, but whatever you try to do, you get pissed of because you cant find it. So better lets not open this box again and start another flamewar ^^

fair enough :), I’ve never used it so I can’t comment. I just use jmp (netbeans) as that’s what is recommended, and i find it good, so I won’t be changing yet at least :slight_smile:

I don’t confuse the things, whether I’m developing softwares with eclipse users, I use eclipse. whether I’m developing softwares with netbeans users, I use netbeans. The same for jMonkeyPlataform. Every case is a case.

Thanx for the hint.

jMP or even NetBeans sometimes stops responding for a short time. Random crashes is a regular phenomenon. Is this only me?

I sill use it cause jMP makes development much easier. But, apart for making things easy for me I would pick eclipse.

I usually post when jMP crashes, but I am tired of posting on this topic. If only it had an auto log submission feature. Detecting an unusual termination and submitting the report to the developer. Would have made life a lot easier on both side.

I have issues both in eclipse/netbeans. They crashes sometimes. But about “stops responding for a short time”, it sounds a WINDOWS phenomenon xD.

Yeah, basically all larger applications crash, especially “pro” applications. Fewer customers = fewer bug reports / complaints.

Nice find, Empire!

Very nice, I can use this plugin ^.^

Also… we should start a new project : put a Netbeans user, and an Eclipse user on a ring, and let them fight. The winner gets a free SDK for jMonkey :wink:

(yeah I prefer Eclipse too)