Gltf model problems

Hey there,
I got a question concerning gltf models.
I have build my model in blender and exported it as a gltf file. So far so good. When i look at it in a 3D Viewer it is displayed properly. If i add it in a jmonkey scene it seems like the faces are inverted.
So far i have inverted the whole model in blender and exported it again, after that the import worked in the scene but in a 3D viewer it looks wrong.
I will provide pics later.

Has anyone a guess why it is messed up after adding it into the game?

Face winding is messed up somehow.

Edit: someone will undoubtedly mention that you could turn off back face culling… but the real issue is that your model’s faces have inconsistent winding or something.

Try loading your model in the online Gltf viewer/validator below and see if it loads fine or if there is any issue with the model:

It will help if you post a screenshot.

I would also suggest cleaning up the mesh before exporting.

Select your model and go to “Edit Mode” and select all vertices then go to Mesh → Clean Up → and apply “Delete Loose” and “Merge by Distance”

then recalculate the normals.

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Hey there, this is how the wall looks when i just export it from blender.
I used glTf Viewer you mentioned to display it.

As you can see it looks alright.
In the sdk it looks like this.
I used the wireframe mode to show it better as you can see.

After the “fix” it looks like this in the glTf viewer.

The “fix” in this case was to invert the complete wall, i dont know why but after this it looks like this in the sdk.
Now the wireframe is correct.

I will try to use the fixes you mentioned but for now i will just use it like this. Imma report if the fixes you mentioned worked when i tried them.


Tried the fixes you mentioned. Did not work for me, i will stick to my workaround for now.

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