GoldMonkey is... well, gold!

With the help of the awesome OpenRTS team, I’ve finally released the first version of GoldMonkey!

What is this?

A library for loading resources in XML format

How to use it?

Attach a GoldMonkeyAppState.
Parameter boolean false=load data only once.
Parameter String… set the paths of the assets subfolders that includes XML data.

stateManager.attach(new GoldMonkeyAppState(false,"/data/test","/data/otherdata"));

Then, you should create a Builder for parsing the XML into your game, like this:

Finally, create a method that instance an item of the specified XML id:

    public static GamePayload getGamePayload(String id){
        return ((GamePayloadBuilder)BuilderManager.getBuilder("mygame.GamePayloadBuilder",id, GamePayloadBuilder.class)).build(myOptionalParameter);


Furthermore, I’ve “goldmonkeyized” an old branch of OpenRTS (unfortunately this commit is unnecessarily big as it also includes the GoldMonkey sources)

Thanks for reading and sorry if all of this sounds a bit confusing! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it, but is there a reason it needs to update every frame (why is it an appstate?)

AppStates are convenient for extending application to have additional easily-located services even if they don’t do anything on their update() method. I do it all the time. The empty update() call costs next to nothing.

GoldMonkey is the standalone version of loader of OpenRTS; since the original version did reload all the files continuously (and thus needed update cycles), I allowed the intended original behavior.