Gomplex.com - space sandbox mmorp

Hi :smile:

I wanted to show you guys the first decent video showing what we’re using JME for :smile:
We’re still far from a playable version, but already past the hurdles of setting up a full tech stack, artwork importing (no fx yet), and basics of balance.

We’re working towards an alpha now and if you’d like to hear about the early test version leave us your email at the bottom of the page: www.gomplex.com

This is a video of a flight by the station that we’ve just set up. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Looks cool!

Wow so many great space games in this forum :open_mouth:
I can’t wait to see if a jmonkey based game will manage to take the place of Egosoft’s X series that now is shit.

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just because making space games is fun :slight_smile:


Same fealing here xD Maybie one day we will be able to mod a JMonkey space opera game :smiley:
That would just be soooo cool :chimpanzee_smile:!

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Yes space games are super fun to make :smile:


Guys please don’t hijack others posts to post pictures or videos of your games, you can do that in the monthly screenshot thread, or create a game thread of your own.


I agree that space games are a lot of fun to make :slight_smile: They’re not easy tho, especially when attempting the “impossible” :smile: Personally I think “this thing” about space games is that you can show a lot of beautiful models and scenes. On the other hand its hard to do it right. Especially at big scale.

We’re building a holistic world very simplified but pretty much full stack physics. Keeping the simulation model on the server of all those elements is not very practical. So… for me the most interesting part of the video I have shown in the first post is the fact that its simulated on a stateless server that still manages to keep the eventual consistency of data and compensate some of the lags. :wink:

I’ve seen posts here of fly-by demos of projects that were done for much longer then those few months we’ve put into gomplex, but stay tuned for more interesting demos :slight_smile: