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Hello there!

I think it’s time to make a thread for this game, I’m introducing my new game Wagon Trail!

This game is Cross Platform and is playable on PC but built for Android devices. It is still in its early stages
and hopefully has many features coming in the future.

The source can be found on my github here

The goal of the game is to travel down the historic Oregon Trail!

Can you get your wagon across the country?

Wagon Trail reenacts the American pioneer’s historic trek from Independence
Missouri all the way to the West Coast of the United States by covered
wagon pulled by oxen or mule teams!

Drive your wagon down the trail and collect supplies!

Go hunting and collect food for your journey!

Live and survive like a pioneer on the Oregon trail!


O wow. Good job.

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I am using Nexus 7 and I am getting the following result. What is going wrong?


I have never seen this before… it looks like the type of problem when the model’s skeleton is off or it is weight painted improperly.

Ive just downloaded the APK from Google Play and this doesn’t seem to be a problem on my device.

Why this is the case I have no idea. Also the info text window seems to be extremely small…

Do you notice other models acting the same way?

I only have my old Samsung phone to test on and this may be a nexus specific bug.

Yes, other models are suffering too. The standing cow has the least problem.

@BigBob, I would like to know if you are using jME unshaded terrain?
I have tried it but no luck yet. I did try all those other tips of changing the terrain material at runtime explained here:
Link to Unshaded terrain

This is what my code looks like:

public static void makeTerrainUnshaded(TerrainQuad terrainQuad) {
    SceneGraphVisitor sgv = new SceneGraphVisitor() {
        public void visit(Spatial spatial) {
            if (spatial instanceof Geometry) {
                Geometry geom = (Geometry) spatial;
                System.out.println("Parse Terrain -> " + geom);
                Material mat = new Material(SharedSystem.getInstance().getBaseApplication().getAssetManager(), "Common/MatDefs/Terrain/Terrain.j3md");
                mat.setBoolean("useTriPlanarMapping", false);
                mat.setTexture("Alpha", geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("AlphaMap").getTextureValue());

                if (geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("DiffuseMap") != null) {
                    mat.setTexture("Tex1", geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("DiffuseMap").getTextureValue());
                    mat.setFloat("Tex1Scale", Float.valueOf(geom.getMaterial().getParam("DiffuseMap_0_scale").getValueAsString()));

                if (geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("DiffuseMap_1") != null) {
                    mat.setTexture("Tex2", geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("DiffuseMap_1").getTextureValue());
                    mat.setFloat("Tex2Scale", Float.valueOf(geom.getMaterial().getParam("DiffuseMap_1_scale").getValueAsString()));

                if (geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("DiffuseMap_2") != null) {
                    mat.setTexture("Tex3", geom.getMaterial().getTextureParam("DiffuseMap_2").getTextureValue());
                    mat.setFloat("Tex3Scale", Float.valueOf(geom.getMaterial().getParam("DiffuseMap_2_scale").getValueAsString()));



And here is the black scene:

Please help if possible?


I sure can help!

I strictly use unshaded materials for my scene. As well as an unshaded terrain.

My MaterialChanger can be found here

And can traverse the entire rootNode and properly turn lit materials into unshaded materials depending on their object type, terrains included.

Your method looks just fine and I think it comes from the fact that you do not have your alpha channel inverted.

I normally do this is gimp individually though I believe it can be done in the method.

Try inverting the alpha channel for your terrain’s texture image and your terrain should show.

This is only a bug in 3.0 and is expected to be fixed in 3.1

Super, thanks.
I will give it a try.

I am using gimp, do you know how to invert the alpha?


Colors → Components → Decompose → Select RGBA → Select the Alpha Channel in the Layers Window →
Colors Invert (you should see the alpha channel change colors only) → Colors → Recompose → Select RGBA → You should have the image alpha flipped → Overwrite the pervious image

Downloading now :smiley:


Be prepared to be unimpressed

Im not downloading to see a perfect multi-developer game. i know there will be bugs. i know there are tons of unimplemented things. i know there will be problems but i want to see your game and i want to give you positive constructive feedback for what it is. Also i used to play Oregon trail when i was younger so this will be a nice little experience

couple of things that i may suggest from just playing a little while.

  • maybe try two sticks one for moving and one for aiming or changing direction. also it would be nice if you could walk and turn at the same time without it being kind of glitchy and hopping around
  • At the start tell the player some suggested items he should buy or what he will probably need for his journey and have that list accessible whenever a person may need it.
  • have npc or shops labeled so the player knows what they have or what they are selling without having to talk to the person just to find out what they have to offer.

well im ganna continue to play a little bit those were just my intial thoughts on the game


On my github for the game there is the remains of a short lived dual joystick control.

It was a failure, and the controls you see now are the third attempt at a control.

I planned to implement a main menu with a tutorial area. I ended up getting frustrated with it and needed to take a break, I still havent regained enough interest

im sad to hear that. sadly im not very experienced with game programming or jmonkey as i am a beginner java programmer. i wonder if there is any mobile control system created by some other jmonkey community member that would be willing to let you use or get ideas from there controller. But yes i think a tutorial of some sort is a must needed feature as the game just throws the player in without any knowledge of what to do.

found these two topics that might be helpful to you.

What you see on the screen is the tonegod joystick.

What is causing it to jump around and not have smooth two finger touch transitions? at least thats what i am experiencing on my phone. i have an HTC one M8

I don’t know if you care but if you want to fix your issues with models that @iamcreasy reported it looks like using ogre xml animated models don’t have this issue. I get the same thing when using models from .blend to .j3o but no issues when gong .mesh.xml to j3o. it looks great either way on desktop but on Nexus 7 and Gaxliy S4 you get the same effects where the models look like they are ripping them selves apart.

You will need the old Blender 2.57 to do this :stuck_out_tongue: