Great success!

Great success! I just put my "great success" experiment into action.

"Great success!" is a simple new initiative I'd like to put to the test. Think of it as FML with a positive twist, for jME developers. Your time is usually better spent asking "how do I accomplish A?" rather than "I figured out B!" This is understandable, but haven't you ever caught yourself saying "*sigh* yet again today's news is all about the world's problems." The idea is to highlight the progress you guys are making with your jME-powered projects.

The rules are simple:
- Write about something relevant to your work with jMonkeyEngine.
- Start your post with "Great success! (...)"
- Keep it short.

NB: The best kind of 'Great success!' includes a link to some code or media, but it's not a requirement.

Post your 'Great success!' as a reply below. Start a new thread if you want to discuss this concept, as this thread is exclusively for progress updates. Off-topic posts risk being deleted.

Great success! Got a working multiplayer environment which includes sounds and animations.

(Works now. ~ Admin)