Greetings from Bionic Panda Games!

Hi all,

I’m a co-founder of Bionic Panda Games and we’ve got our first title into the Android marketplace. It’s called AquaPets and it uses AndEngine at the moment. We have a lot of cool ideas that we’d like to implement that may be easier to accomplish with something like JME or libgdx. There shall be a lot of reading in our near future :slight_smile: We’re also hiring so if you’re keen on learning more, feel free to send me a note at! Cheers!


Wow, Aqua Pets is up there in the 1’000’000 - 5’000’000 downloads range. Impressive!

We’d certainly be happy to have you around. For 2D LibGDX is definitely the better choice, but for 3D development I’d say it’s a pretty close race. Our main Android developer is looking for input on his TODO list; maybe you can come up with some suggestions?