GSOC - 2D integration

Hello, I´m Mark/M0rky and I´d like to explain my idea for a GSOC project following the template:

Project Name: 2D integration
Project Description: I´d like to add a scene2d library with sprites to the api and add a 2d scene composer to the SDK to make life easier for people creating 2d games in jME. I feel 2d games making can coexist with 3d in an open source engine with each one getting in the others way.
Requirements: Knowledge of OpenGl and LWJGL and of course jME.
Further Reading: Well what best than to look at the two most known engines for making 2d things for multiple devices:
Ok so the second one handles 3d but it´s mainly used for 2d I think.
Mentor suggestions: mmm. Does anyone have a suggestion about mentors I should be talking to?

I suppose the main reason I want to add 2d to jMe is help make it an open source alternative to Unity. I´ve used Unity and not being able to right click and see it´s in workings makes me sad. :frowning: Also I like the idea of a complete java engine instead of just a framework. It makes game making much quicker.
Any input would be great. Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing or have any suggestions?


Nice to see a proposal that wasn’t on the list :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest having a good look at @t0neg0d’s 2D Framework.

It’s a part of tonegodGUI:

We don’t like to reinvent the wheel, so maybe you two could work together to improve upon this existing project?

Thank you for the quick reply. I really should have seen this as it´s quite recent. By the looks of it I´m going to have to go on a tangent to my idea. It´s been suggested to me on the GSOC page to investigate doing an editor. I´m going to need a couple of days to research but the integrating something like GLEED into the SDK would be cool.

Right. I´ve changed the proposal to reflect my new found knowledge as such the proposal is now the followering:

Project Name: 2D Scene Editor
Project Description: I´d like to add a 2d scene editor to save time placing and resizing aswell as assiging characteristics to 2d characters and levels but also GUI components.
Requirements: Knowledge of tonegodGUI and of course jME.
Further Reading: The tonegodGUI which I plan to use the create the plugin and for the actually levels/GUIs, also Tiled as loading and using Tiled maps would be a cool feature :
2d Framework

A scene editor can be as big a project as there can be so there´s scope for a lot of suggestions if anyone has any ideas or tips.

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I think i’m not in an appropriate possition to bring suggestion because i also write another 2D framework upon my 3d fw. But because you ask for ideas, i will give you some for free :slight_smile:

My initial idea of the 2D framework upon a 3d one is around Sprite… Now what is sooo special about this Sprite thing???

It’s a first class citizen of a “cross dimension element” framework. A Sprite is a stateful object in which has a SpriteImage as its presentor. A Sprite can also represented “as” a 3d spatial, like a Quad, a Mesh; can be represented as TextureAlasTile, or a Vector2f… because it’s so presentive for another, it can be called as the Proxy for others.

Sprite can has Animation and can be nested. SpriteImage also a Sprite but it represent a single state of a Sprite and can not be nested. This relationship very similar to Geometry and Node in JME3 but it’s somewhat different because of the proxy feature.

With that feature:

  • the Sprite can be used in GUI, in even Nifty imageMode sprite attribute;
  • it can work as a batched Mesh, also can be used in my particle framework (with Shaderblow);
  • it can use Spriter (a animation editor) animation with IK
  • it can be intepreted as Tiled tile, embed in a GridMap…

and other goodness… but in the end, this just another kind of Spatial!!!

So i suggest you to spend sometime to sketch the overal architecture first, don’t just make another sprite library!

Nice idea, sounds like something that will integrate well with the framework. Though I´ll have to invstigate alot before I see how to best implement it. Also I see that just another sprite library is unnecesary, so I think that an actuall editor for an existing sprite library would be a better idea.

Hello again. I´ve created a mockup of what the editor´s gui could look like. I made it mainly to get familiar with tonegod´s GUI plugin but it´s a servicable starting point.