[Guide] jMonkey JDK for Android | for development + Easy installer script

Greetings readers. I invite you to enjoy the fruits of my many months of labor.

Use the following link to view the guide I’ve written up for running jMonkey JDK on Android

Note: This may very well work on Raspberry Pi as well with little to no modification of scripts :slight_smile: I just don’t have one to test on … yet.
use the links to view “proof” that jMonkey works on ARM Linux; specifically an Android cellphone running Linux and Java’s JDK




Really what it boils down to is the following steps
~root an Android device (phone or tablet)
~install Linux using Debian Kit (free from the Android Marketplace
~install Java’s JDK for ARM processors (wrote a script for that)
~install jMonkey JDK and related software and run (partially done with a script to do that too)

The above link to the guide will step by step take you from the point of just after rooting and doing your first backup to booting up jMonkey on a phone or tablet. I’ll be adding content and other edits as I’ve the time and this should be considered an “alpha release” now looking for testers.

If you like my work and wish to see where I work on all projects check out the forums at X.D.A.

Note: this is one of the few places that I’ve set up a donation link for easy use, for those that wish to say thanks for the work done so far and or support the future updates that I’ll be rolling out.

And finally use the below link to find all the content or support or projects that I’m currently working on with this system

I’m know as “ Michael NA “ to Google+ and “ S0AndS0 “ on X.D.A. and “ SoAndSo “ here, feel free to contact me for help or support with developing while mobile.
And as always, happy hacking and modding.


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