Guided Study in Character Animation

Let me propose a simple example of an exercise motion animation of a character who walks alone the land, I have been trying to work alone, I have had enough trouble and came to propose a guided exercise the forum, but I do not know how to do it, I set an example that I found on Wiki:[]=animation&s[]=characters

Anyone willing to help?

What?? The example you posted is about jme3, you post in the jME2 developers forum, if you want help post in the troubleshooting forums, if you want to contribute something to jME2, it is end of lifed now.

I’ve been working on jME2, is still the stable version is not it? And I wanted to do this experiment in jME2.

Its the only “stable” version of jME at the moment thats true but its not developed any longer, so again if you just want to start this as a project posting the source you have until now is probably the best way to get somebody interested who is still working with jME2.

I have a model ready environment and the characters that I put on it in order to animate them, I’ll put it here and we went from there, it’s the best?

I’m working on this code here, which is available in the forum, because I want to see the character moving itself,

I’m not sure how to put a model in 3Ds Max, I have to start working here, as I do that?

I don’t know

Let’s start then, the character has to be created could be bones or without the bones?

Since the bones they already have to be with the animation or not?