Hands/controllers not near headset?

Just getting this going. Building…etc… is working great. I’ve got myself a spinning cube off in the distance…etc…

I’m having a little trouble understanding the tracked controllers, headset, and camera coordinate spaces…

Are the tracked controller positions absolute world coordinates? or are they offset from the headset? does the headset define the origin? the camera, by default, seems to follow the rotation of the headset… but the translation… maybe not?

I’ll keep plugging at it in my free time; but if someone were to say… “hey silly its all defined XX and you didn’t read”… (I did TRY to find this kind of thing)… that might jump start me…

Oh… I’m on an old school vive with wireless… maybe the coordinates/orientation are vendor specific…

The headset is not the origin. It, along with the controllers have an absolute position in the world.

I recommend building a test game. I have several examples/test for the vive controllers and trackers here on the forum. I can find them and post links to them later today, I’m currently on my phone.

See here for links to a working test setup: HTC Vive Trackers - #3 by tlf30

thanks for the link! I think I see the main difference… I wasn’t using getFinalObserverRotation… will give that a go tonight. Thanks!


That did the trick! I had been using the getTrackedController(int) and then grabbing the position of those… which… moved around as I moved the controllers… but not in a way that made sense…:slight_smile:


Great! It is good to see others playing with VR. I have some good topics on using the Vive Pro as that is the headset I own. Let me know if you need any help, I can always get my headset out to troubleshoot.