Hardware skinning - strange effect

For the records, I use it with 0 value, to have acces to the bones’ coordinate at the current update, and it works well. No wonkiness :smile:

So - keep quoting and don’t optimize your code.

Up. Any idea about the HW skinning issue? Was anyone able to reproduce that using our model?

how do you import it in the engine BTW? With the blender loader or via Ogre export?

It was imported by the blender loader. The rest is as my team member said:

Up, any idea? Was anyone able to test our model?

We made another one from scratch, the issue was not present with the new one, but it would be good to know what we did wrong with the first one.

Some tests:

Any idea? Some problems in SDK importer?

well…tbh I still use ogre to import models as it’s the only reliable way to have proper skeletal animation into the engine.

So today we finally join to ogre exporter users. :wink:

But maybe your model can help @Kaelthas for the blender importer.
I know he’s working hard on this.

Is it possible for you to upload the model ?
Just as @nehon said - it would be useful for upgrading blender importer :wink:

It is there.

Hey @FrozenShade

I have tested the import on the robot and yesterday I made a fix which improved bones’ behaviour a little bit (in this model and several others :wink: ).

If you use the importer built from the master branch of the sources - you should be able to see the change :smile:

Thank you, is there any precomplied/installer version available? I failed to build the whole SDK some time ago.

I do not know. There were nightly builds some time ago but it seems they are not being created anymore.
Pity - because they were good for testing the lates changes.

Ok, so if anyone have actual build and can host it somewhere then please, send me an PM.
If not, I’ll try at weekend.

There is another issue. We used both ogre importer and the new sdk to import the model and in both situations there is something wrong with the feet at the beginning of emotion_boring animation, you’ll see that bad effect. And I don’t know if we just does not meet some special JME’s requirement. Is it related to import or is there something wrong with the animation mechanism in JME?

Imported mob and the blender’s source are here:

EDIT: there was some misunderstanding between me and team member. We didn’t managed to launch the new build.

I dont know if its the problem, but I downloaded your model, opened in blender and in blender I can see a lot of bones flying out of the model everywhere, is that correct ? Maybe its causing the problem ?

Which version of Blender do you have?

Maybe those bones out of the model are some kind of collision detect ?
I did notice two bones ahead from the legs, one up in the head etc.