Has anybody tried these assets?


I wonder if anyone has tried to import these assets into jME yet?? :chimpanzee_smile:

Downloading now :smiley:

The license allows the use only with cryengine. http://i.imgur.com/JIWCeN5.jpg

NVM it seems that Madison Pike’s packs are available for every engine. License here:

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Okay, so only his “Campfire Asset Pack” and the stuff labeled “Crytek” are under some CryEngine-only-License. I soon have his assets available, but not really the time to check if it can be imported or “cross-ported” to jME. By “cross-ported” I mean tool chains similiar to this one: CryEngine => 3DS Max => Blender => jME.

will look at them soon. they are pretty nice. :grinning:

All Madison Pike’s assets should be usable in any engine (“Campfire Asset Pack” too) while all the others are cryengine only.
But the models are .ma files so you’ll need maya to open them.

If I read the license you posted very carefully, then the Campfire pack is missing (see bottom where he lists all assets with name). Also the background of the image is not white like for all the other Madison Pike assets.

That’s true, but you can see from the dl page that the license is the same :confused: .

So everything but the campfire pack is cool to use?

Not sure about the campfire. All other “Madison Pike” assets are cool to use. All “Crytek” assets are only for CryEngine. The others “Illfonic” and “Motus” I’m not sure about…