Hello Guys Im newbie here

Hi everyone… Im newbie in game developing I download every tutorial and book about jme3
I need to develop a game for our school project and our given time is only 2 weeks

I really really need your help everyone
Im going to use JME3 SDK

It is something like Ark but it has a story line

You are stuck in an Island because of the helicopter crash, you only have a flare gun and you use it because you here something from the sky (sounds like a helicopter or an airplane).You need to survive within 3 or 5 days by crafting your own equipment.

In daytime you need to craft and set traps
In nighttime you need to fight a wave of wild animals
in each day the difficulty is getting harder at the 5th day, the rescue team will going to help you

our concept is something like Craft and Survive

Or another story again but with zombies
it is something like you’re in a house but you need to fight a wave of zombies to survive
in the 5th day the rescue will going to rescue and get you to a safe place.

It is advisable to use Google Sketchup?
Help me please I only 2 weeks of creating this game
Thank you everyone.

You should use blender to create your models,it’s fast,simple and reliable.

However,are you stuck into a genre? Like,should your game be an FPS or could it be a 2d platform too?

Who decided on the concept & genre? IMO that sounds far too complex for only a two week time frame. Especially if you don’t have experience in anything, jME, Blender or “other”. I’d say you need to take the complexity waaaaay down.


Better to use Blender. (but if you have no experience with blender it will take some time to learn it )
And if it is a 3D game you can get free 3D models from :



To be realistic you’re not going to make a game of that depth and scope in 2 weeks especially with no game programming experience. You should start with something like a simple platformer or shoot’em up.

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The first mistake new game developers make is doing something with too big of a scope. But don’t feel bad, that’s the second, third, and fourth mistake they make, too.

I’m an experienced developer and I could not hope to complete your goals in two weeks. That’s crazy.

You are better off using one of the drag-and-drop style game tools… and even then this project is HUGELY ambitious.


Everyone starts by thinking “I’m gonna make an awesome game, with an innovative concept” when they finally know how to do it. Believe, I tried, and failed miserably.

Start with something small. Although your idea is quite good, it’s too much complex. Especially for 2 weeks. Think of an idea you could create quickly. A smart, good and unique concept for a game is, most of the times, the only thing you need to make a good game.

Most importantly, don’t rush the game. You may only have 2 weeks, but for a small game it’s acceptable. If i were in your case, I would create a small game in 1 week, then in the other week polish it.

Also, in case you need help with something, don’t hesitate to ask! This is what this forum is for (around 70% of it xD)

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Thanks everyone
me and my groupmates talk about our game so we’ve decided make it like FPS zombie survival game