Hello Terrain coming soon?

I hadn’t noticed the new wiki page until I re-read your blogpost. Really good stuff. Scrolling up the jME3 wiki index though, I notice there is no “Hello Tutorial” yet.

Up next?

Also, this made me realize we might have to rethink how we do beginner-intermediate-advanced. I’ll come back to that in a “global” thread.

I’d say the “Hello” tutorials are Ruths area as its also a good checkback on “can a reasonably intelligent programmer handle/understand this”. The Hello series is definitely for beginners and some of the stuff that is now under “advanced” could move to the real manual later.

When the beta is out I also want to start a video tutorial series using jMP but also talking a bit about jME in general, lets see if I can do this together with Ruth so we have more output on that front :slight_smile:



Hi. I have the JMP all updated and everything, and I tried the Hello Terrain tutorial and it said:

cannot find symbol

symbol: constructor TerrainQuad(java.lang.String,int,int,com.jme3.math.Vector3f,float[])

location: class com.jme3.terrain.geomipmap.TerrainQuad

I’m a beginner, so I have no idea what’s happening, or how to make it work. Any ideas?




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The terrain editor in jmp is still in progress. If things go well I will be able to commit an update for it this weekend.

Right now it doesn’t add in terrain, it’s just an empty plugin.

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