HelloWorld build problems

Hello everybody,

I try to get startet with jme under eclipse. I set up eclipse (galileo) according to the procedure given here:


When I try to build the HelloWorld programm given on this page


this results in 11 errors and 472 warnings

The error messages are of the kinds “Box cannot be resolved to a type”

“ConfigShowMode” cannot be resolved"

“rootNode cannot be resolved”

“The import com.jme cannot be resolved”

“Vector3f cannot be resolved to a path”

and some more errors which seem to be a consequence of the above.

One detail may be important to understand my problem. When I tryed to follow the procedure for setting up jme for eclipse given on the wiki-pages, I wasnt able to include swt.jar in to the build path exactly as given in the eclipse howto.

The reason was that unlike lwjgl.jar, swt.jar did not show in the libraries tab of the jme-properties window.

Therefore, I included swt.jar as an external jar. Maybe this matters. I would highly welcome all hints so I can solve this.

Thanks in advance.