Help about jme project... i'm a new user

I all,

I need your help, i'm new and is only recently that I started using jme. I'm doing a project where I create a virtual room with objects like a picture or a video or a document.

In my project if i click with mouse on one of this objects such as the photo, you should open your browser to a certain address, or if I click the video should open a streaming video or youtube.

Can you help me please, i don't know how can i do!!  :frowning:

Well look at the Mousepick example ot find out what the mouse is over when clicked, then Runtime.exec, or some other kind of interface to the default tools (I think there was a generic way to opena  website in java in the systems standart browser, but I don't know how.)


but i've tried to search something about,  but I could not find anything useful.

if you know any useful address, plese help me!!

thx ando sorry for my bed english!! :slight_smile: