HELP NEEDED with LWJGL installation

I want to get jME from the pre-compiled .jar files. So, I have them downloaded in a directory C://Program Files/jMe. There are 6 different jars, all starting with "jMe". Where to do I install LWJGL? After I did download it, the lwjglaudio.dll file is still missing! Where is it? Could you either answer these questions or provide a very basic (i mean very) tutorial on how to download lwjgl?

      Thank you!

Welcome to the forums, Gibi :slight_smile:

A jME release or nightly build (as well as the CVS version) already comes with lwjgl. Have a look if there is a guide/tutorial for the specific IDE you want to use in the Wiki or on this forum on how to set up your IDE (eclipse, netbeans, etc.).

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Turns out this is almost as complicated as downloading CrystalSpace3D! Can you explain what the CVS thing does? (I mean, I know it is version control thing, but do i need it if I just want to download it once?) Or do you suggest I update jMe often, even though while I am just learning I probably wont need everything? I tried to download the nightly build zip (the java files), but it doesnt have any of the lwjgl things, though you said it would. What is the ant thing? Or should I just follow the ‘getting strarted’ thing?

Sorry I have so many questions. :slight_smile: I’ve used java and C++, but never any engines (though i have tried).

Thank you!!!

You don't need to use CVS, no. Simply download the nightly builds to be up to date, or download a release if you want to be sure things are stable and don't change often.

Following the 'getting started' guide is fine, yes.

And don't hesitate to post back here.

Thank you so much! XD

I still have a few questions though:

  1. What is ant? The getting started explains it, but I'm not sure i understand.
  2. Should I download from the 'Nightly Zip' link or the 'Source' link? Is there any advantage to using source over zip? Does the nightly zip have the lwjgl things?

  3. Acccording to "getting started", I need to download the following:


          Java Compiler and Runtime Environment


          CVS Source Code Control Utility


          Ant Build System


          LWJGL OpenGL/OpenAL Game Library




          jME Source Code

    I have the Java Compiler/Runtime Enviorment. You said  I dont need to have the CVS. Do I need the Ant Build System? You also said that the lwjgl library comes with the source code? Does that mean all I need to download is the JInput and the source code?

    Is the ant thing for compiling and putting together all the source files?

    Thank you again!
  1. a build tool; you won't need to know to get started - if you are interested see
  2. the nightly zip is enough (it includes lwjgl, really ;)) you can download the sources also if you like to have them
  3. The getting started guide shows how to read the developer version from CVS and setup all the stuff needed to compile jME yourself. To build the jME jars yourself you need ant, but the guide also states
    You can technically bypass the need for the CVS tool, Ant, and the jME source by downloading and using the latest jME release

You are right. To that I'm new. I havent actually ever downloaded an independent library  – I have always used the java sun classes. (java.awt,, javax.swing, etc), and just used import statements. I have tried downloading a few other 3D engines, but that worked even worse than this (but they didnt use ant or CVS).

I think you last post has explained all my questions. Thank you so much for your patience! You have really helped! :smiley:

Hy Gibi,

if you want to use eclipse or netbeans, here the links to the guides. The guide for netbeans is an easy step-by-step guide:



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