Help! when I type 'd' it show 'a' and 'e' will be 'b'?

This Only happen in JME SDK, nothing wrong with Microsoft Visual C++ or Notepad? How can I fix this problem?

Are you using an unusual/fancy keyboard? Is it a qwerty one or something like azerty?

doesn’t know

I use Sony VPCCW2S3C laptop…

I try to use screen keyboard,also doesn’t work, all word get promoted by 3.

and that’s just display problem , I try to run the code in the first tutorial, it works well. and if i duplicate my “strange word” in sdk to notepad, it will turn to its real form. crazy isn’t it…

-Sounds like some rare case of encoding problem or similar. Can it be that you have a corrupt font installed and thats the netbeans default one?