Hi all

How can I make a texture stay static ? (it means user can't using mouse) and have to wait until I finished drawing something on that texture ?

Err, that question sound quite strange to me. Please explain a little more what you want to do. Why should there be any waiting time, does the painting process take that long? Is the texture shown while painted? Why? . . .

In principle: of course you can freeze the mouse cursor or avoid interaction with some of your game artifacts - but is that really a good experience for the user?

Since you seem to have trouble with English, I will provide you with some simple questions to answer that can probably help us help you. This will allow you to answer each question separately keeping us on the same page. Some of the questions may reapeat in different forms in case you do not understand one.

What part of the game is the problem?

How are is the texture animated?

Are you using render to texture?

Are you trying to change the way the Mouse works or the texture?

if so:

            How dose mothing the mouse affect the texture now?

            How dose this action differ from the one you want?

if not:

            What is harping now?

            What do you want to happen?

Also, you may want to try repeating the message in your native language in case some one here understands it. (This form has members from many different nationalities)