HeroDex New Version Released

Zero Separation Ltd has released the first major update for the Closed Beta of their Trading Card MMO: HeroDex. HeroDex Version 0.9.14, code name “What Lies Beneath?” has been Released. This is the first release building on the initial feedback from our first Beta Testers and features a major revamp of the New Player Experience and an entirely new District for Heroes to explore: The Kobold-infested Catacombs beneath Osburg are now getting their first visitors…


The final release date for the game has yet to be determined, however players can request an invitation code using a simple form on the website and more codes are being released every day. The game will initially be available on Windows and Linux computers, a Mac OS X version is coming soon.

HeroDex features online solo play versus computer opponents along with competitive and co-operative play against or alongside other players.


This brand new Virtual Trading Card Game offers quick-paced matches that can be completed in only a few minutes. The gameplay, with a unique feats-based advancement system and a flexible deck building system, will keep people coming back for more.Matches have been described as a cross between Poker and Rock-Paper-Scissors (Roshambo) with bluffing and anticipating your opponent’s next move forming a large part of the strategy. All moves are made at the same time with each round finishing once everyone has made their move or the time limit is reached - so even large matches proceed quickly. The suspense of waiting to see what cards your opponent will reveal can become intense and outsmarting them very satisfying.

New Player Experience

Players start with a free Fighter Hero and starting deck. Further cards can be acquired in game or purchased from the store; as can a range of different types of Heroes, each with their own deck. A tutorial introduces new players to the game and even allows you to win your first new cards to be added to your deck as you progress.Play is free, with no subscription or credit card details required and no hidden fees. Buy packs of cards from the store or earn cards in game and once you have them you will never be charged to use them.


I’ve just tried, but i don’t have an access code (i requested it an the website).
But i noticed an issue in the create account form.
you can’t type a ‘@’ with a french keyboard in the mail text field. (it’s altgr + 0)
I had to switch to qwerty and type shift + 2 to have it working. Also the first time the mail were not matching (but they visually were) so i guess the character i typed was there but not visible.

The account creation form inside the game? That’s using standard nifty text controls - do you get the same issue on all nifty text controls?


Found this while trolling on KS, might give you some ideas:

Steal my idea and claim to be the first. Typical :frowning:

@nehon said: you can't type a '@' with a french keyboard in the mail text field. (it's altgr + 0)

I’ve had this reported by german users in Hostile Sector

I worked with void to fix it, update your nifty version and you should be fine.