Hey guys, a little story, and new simple gme

Hey progers of jMonkeyEngine… it was time i very loved it and i learned a very complicated algorithms on Jme. I was enoght with Jme… It was a time when i had three main things: skateboard, notebook (laptop) and Jme. I was close to make something like Starcraft on it… But… something changed… Not bad, not good… And i decided to program right in java. What differents between java and jmonkeyengine. And by today i completely finished first true game with Java 2d. So way, if you like not only Jme… but accept simple java, then just to look it, the game is called Asteroids’ attack. So, although i still plan maybe to make game with jme… as for me, it is still fun… Here, you can look absolutely new and simple java 2d game > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiRjIiwQt-E
so, as i sometimes said: go and hoy )


congratulations on finishing a game regardless of the engine being used :clap: