Hey, Sorta looking for a team

Hey guys, my name is Guy, But call me Nezin, No seriously.

Anyways, I am here today to ask for some help, im fairly new to JME3 ( compleatly accually ) But its free and might be able to handle what im looking for.

Heres a list of What im trying to do in a Space game, i do use refrences to a pre-existing game called EvE online.

  1. Twitch based gameplay, meaning that you fully control your ship in real-time in all the directions of space. Except for larger ships and Some Other things will be controlled otherwise

  2. Collisions on almost everything.

  3. Immersion; meaning real scales, dimensions and velocities. Planets are truely as large as real ones, and ships extremely small compared to them.

  4. Planetary landing with seamless transitions. If you can see something in the sky like a moon, you can get there in real time without seeing a single loading screen.

  5. Solar system dynamics. Bodies orbitting around each other, being able to watch a sunset or an eclipse. Planets are not just a fancy background ala X3.

  6. Travelling to another system doesn’t necessarily involve jump gates. sometimes they might be used depending on how far out the area your trying to get to is.

  7. A procedural universe - billions of star systems and planets, all unique, can use a random generator for one after making the first 23-100 systems.

  8. No skills, experience or levels ( Not sure about this one But will need some sort of system so people playing longer get bigger and better things but New players can still compeate)

  9. Less waiting time, when you want to mine, or go to a distant system.

  10. A living world, with NPCs flying around and living their own life.

  11. Being able to affect missions to other players or NPCs.

  12. Dynamic storyline. What i mean with “dynamic” is this: in most MMOs, you have a storyline ( sometimes very complex like in Eve ) written by the developers, and missions / quests related to it. However, none of those quests affect or make the storyline progress. storyline will be, by many aspects, closer to the one of a single-player game, with some specific player actions “triggering” a progress of the storyline.

  13. Owning an empire: multiple spaceships, stations, planets. Setting your own tax/rules for those. Enabling other players or even NPCs to fly your ships. Constructing buildings/factories in cities. Forming corporations, or owning actions into other player’s corporations.

  14. Multiple players flying in the same ship.

  15. Knowledge exchange. Prizes for being the first player to discover some special places / events ( like, analyzing a black hole, or discovering an unknown metal, or a new form of life ).

  16. Newtonian physics ( with computer assistance for eacy controlling ).

  17. Technology discovery plus patent system ( players have to hire scientists to make new technologies available in game, like a RTS’s tech-tree ). I know that Eve has blueprints, but as far as i understand, those are “static”.

  18. Being able to Get out of ship in into a station or onto a planet Walk around trade system

  19. Fairly Sandbox

  20. Another way to pay for game ( If monthly is decided upon ( using some for of ingame - currency ))

    Well, If im in the wrong section, i am sorry, but if you could steer me in the right one i would appricieate it.

    if you can help me, or join my Team, Please reply.


I am looking for a team at the moment but i have only just started with Java and JME, like the idea of working on a Space Game, currently doing some stuff on Android but would welcome working on a project with someone else as well.

Wow! That sounds like a massive project! Great idea. That kind of project sounds like it would take an entire panel of experienced developers working full time for a couple years to crank out.

You might want to consider making individual bullet points you listed as rough place holder approximations of lesser complexity at first. Forget any fancy graphics and just lay out the entire program as a working rough prototype where everything is ultra simplified but complete.

That would take a LOT of effort to complete even partially.

I have been away from the JME community for awhile and just downloaded JME3 alpha 3. I would be interested in working on any project for anybody (beats fishing :)). I don’t know how exactly I can help, but I have intermediate java and JME2 experience. I have also dabbled with some ultra basic model creation and import with Blender. And of course I have Photoshop and Gimp.

Anyway I’d be happy to try working on it. How did you want to go about cracking this thing open?

We’re actually working on a game with some very similar ideas, although differing at some points.

Nice to see someone else has had these ideas as well and we look forward to seeing your progress!

Good luck!

i like your idea. i think this general topic is arrived at by alot of aspiring developers.

I agree with the above post that you should break this into parts and work on them as milestones. For example, getting your universe of billions of star locations would be a good place to start.

i worked on a number of the topics you mentioned above. One word of warning,

3. Immersion; meaning real scales, dimensions and velocities. Planets are truely as large as real ones, and ships extremely small compared to them.

That will be the most difficult thing on your list if you attempt to implement it in the fashion you describe. JME is a float based engine, meaning all the locations can only have a certain amount of accuracy. Without you using some kind of ln() or scaling algorithms, you wont be able to fly past the radius of the sun without seeing significant, and i mean development ending, errors. (and that is with your smallest unit being a meter, which in todays world would be too choppy.)

if that is your intention, then you will need to embark on a journey to develop your own engine which is ruled by the magical world of doubles, which can get you all the way to pluto and back without a problem. You can definitely have some large scenes in JME, but you probably wont have real scales, dimensions and giant planets. You will end up using some kind of scene scaling algorithm, so i would plan that in right now.

i wish you the best of luck with your project. most of all, i hope you have fun developing it and learn alot, that's what's really important.