Oi, who ate the mushrooms

looks nice with the decorations


all scenes run fine on a geforce 7100gs@1024*768. until the moment when you step into fog, fire or something.

since you were so happy about my fog, here’s more:

(jme runs fine on vista as well)

Looking good!

It does look very nice. :slight_smile:

You could probably gain even more realism if the weapon's pole went into the screen instead of chopping off and allowing you to see inside the pole to see it's hollow. :wink:

those eyes of yours, sharp they are

Have you thought about implementing the chicken spell ?? :smiley:

the most powerful of all spells…yes, i have made plans involving it. it will be hidden somwhere at a place well hidden, and invisible as well. and there won't be a quest to get it, just gossip and rumors hinting at its location.

Yay for the chucks

think one of the screen shots is worthy of the front jme user screenshots page

i suggest this one:

it shows the first boss. i made him emit fog to create a spooky feeling. added some nice trees and hid behind them.

I would suggest a shot with the boss a little bit bigger in the frame  ;), Good one, though

this would require a video. if i go near him, it's raining fireballs. in the game, you're supposed to hit him once with a poison like weapon and then survive (run, hide) until he dies. he's almost unbeatable in a 1-1 fight.

Well where's the video?  :stuck_out_tongue:

can ye turn him into a chicken then tread on him  :smiley:

Yes a video would be very cool, also you might want to work on the artwork there, especially the trees and terrain.

The guy
has a name :x

currently, there are people working on models (mostly simple items and plants so far) in their spare time, and some of them are already used in the game. however, creating models with animations. textures, normal, bump and specular maps and whatever will take some time and probably won't make it into the prototype. as the guy above me said, i focus on the gameplay itself.

Your passport says "HamsterofDeath"?  :smiley:

"The guy said" is a common english expression (maybe not an american one?)

Your passport says "HamsterofDeath"?

not yet...not yet...

So far it seems like a nice game and improving the artwork will only make it better :slight_smile:

And there are things that could be improved without much work, like the gray/brown trees in the last screenshot, seem to use NEAREST as the texture filter (all blocky), they will look much better with linear filtering.

this is how the milkshape-importer loads the models. how can i change it?