Hide fps and StatView in Android

Hi, in android is it possible to hide the fps and StatView?? I tried using the methods setDisplayFps(false) and setDisplayStatView(false), but only works in desktop mode, thanks!

are you calling that in simpleInitApp or on the main app variable outside? because AFAIK the settings made outside (i.e app = new App(); app.setDisplayFps ():wink: aren’t run on android. You can alternatively remove the StatsAppState from the stateManager.

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I have done as follows:

public void simpleInitApp () {
getStateManager (). getState (StatsAppState.class). setDisplayFps (false);
getStateManager (). getState (StatsAppState.class). setDisplayStatView (false);


Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

As @wezrule said, public static void main(String[] args) doesn’t execute on Android, so you need to put this kind of stuff in the beginning of the simpleInitApp() method.