Hide the scroll panel but keep the functionality?

I know it’s possible to hide the horizontal and vertical bars on a scroll panel, but it seems that once you’ve done so the scrolling stops. Is there any way to hide them but keep the scrolling? The scroll bars kind of clash wish the aesthetic of our game. I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the scroll bar image(s), but I’ve had no luck finding where they are.

If you go to your libraries and copy nifty-style-black to your assets directory, then rename it and add:

<useStyles filename=“Interface/new-theme/new-theme.xml”/>

to your xml file, then in your new directory there should be another folder scalled scrollbar, just change the images in there, and I think that is all

Oh yeh forgot to add you need to change the file path in your ‘new-theme.xml’ file to use the files in your new theme…