High level steps for animation

Hi all I am interested in what the high level steps/approaches are for animating a character (third person) using the JME engine.

I am sure there are a number of approaches - obviously im interested the easiest one for me -> I have a friend who can create an animated (running) charater in 3D Studio Max - what I am unsure about is

a) The best way (format) to import the model and texture into the JME engine. I'm lookg for a balance of quality and speed of animation.

b) How to take the animation scripting he has already created for character movement and "import" this into the JME engine (as a JME "script" import I guess?)

c) How I would go about controlling the character onscreen - do i simply call the scripts in b) above, or do I have to write my own scripts (in Java) to control the running sequence and throw the already scripted 3D Studio Max movement out?

Really looking for a bit of guidance here…

Thanks in advance

A.) The two best supported are MD5 (MD5Importer) and Ogre.  http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=code_snippets_-_jme_2

B.) There are exporters for 3ds that exporter into MD5 and Ogre formats I’m sure read these threads for more details into each format.





C.) To play animations you use the importers, but as to which animation plays when that’s up to you to decide.