Hollywood Dragons Cinematic Sound Pack – Now Released

Our new high resolution cinematic dragon sound pack featuring 42 original and specially designed audio files to be used within Films, Video Games, Videos & Advertising. Files are in uncompressed Wav format and will work in any audio/video/game software.

We are extremely proud of our new Hollywood effects series, as a lot of work and attention to detail has gone into the research, recording and creation of this product. If you’re looking for original and high fidelity dragon sounds just like you hear in the movies, then Hollywood Dragons is just what you need, this is one for the pros.

Sounds Included

Dragon Angry Snarl With Hiss

Dragon Angry

Dragon Cautious Breathing 1

Dragon Cautious Breathing 2

Dragon Breathing Fire

Dragon Hissing

Dragon Hiss 2

Dragon Hiss 3

Dragon Hiss 4

Dragon Hiss 5

Dragon Short Hiss

Dragon Inhale

Dragon Roaring

Dragon Roaring 2

Dragon Roaring 3

Dragon Roaring 4

Dragon Roaring 5

Dragon Roaring 6

Dragon Roaring 7

Dragon Roaring 8

Dragon Roaring 9

Dragon Sad Roar

Dragon Threatening Roar

Dragon Snort

Dragon Snarling

Dragon Snarl 2

Dragon Snarl 3

Dragon Snarl 4

Dragon Short Huff

Dragon Short Huff 2

Dragon Short Huff 3

Dragon Multi Huff

Dragon Mouth Flutter

Dragon Mouth Flutter 2

Dragon Mouth Flutter 3

Dragon Long Huff

Dragon Long Huff 2

Dragon Gurgle

Dragon Grumble

Dragon Grumble 2

Dragon Grumble 3

Dragon Grumble 4

Demo of sounds (this is only a portion of the sounds included)

Available Now From Varazuvi.com


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