How can I achieve this type of GUI as in link?

How can I achieve this type of GUI ( in jMonkey Engine and Nifty. I am beginner in jMonkey Engine coming from Android or Java background. I am working to make this type of GUI from past several days and could not find any solution. Please help me or give some hint. Other gui editor or suggestions are also acceptable.

I’m guessing you just want a desktop app that has a 3D preview of the selected object? If I were you, I would do it with Swing (although… better look at JavaFX perhaps, Swing is old-school). And just embed the JME 3D rendering / asset loading capabilities to that one panel. I think this was entirely possible.


You can use:

to embed jMonkeyEngine context to javaFX application.

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How can I add jME plugins to JavaFX project.

And how can I achieve this. Please provide any link or proper documentation.

it’s a simple example:

Presuming you want to do it in-game you can use a Lemur ListBox with a custom CellRenderer.

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If you get stuck i might be tempted to write a single class example of this because i think a few people would find this useful. I find listbox to be almost as versatile as a Container once you see why.

That will be a great help.

I wrote a quick single-class example of how to implement a custom cell renderer and modify its visual state. It returns a container, which means you have free reign over how it appears.

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Thank you so much. Now I have some idea of what to do next.