How can i clear in cylinder water?

My english is poor… look image.

Try this:

It sort of looks like you’re trying to draw a whirlpool, is that what you want to make?

to erlend sh

thanks for you help,not trying to draw a whirlpool, I need water can not enter inside the node,this will isolate the water.did not know you understand? i’m extremely sorry.english is very difficult to master.


Water can not enter the Torus

It won’t work.

It almost looks like you want realtime geometry intersections with the water or something… But I might be over-complicating the problem.

I wonder if a hole in the water quad is all you’d need to do?


No its not, the water system expects a quad…

Its possible if you apply the water to a quad with a circular hole in it, no?

Honestly i don’t know, it’s JME2 projected grid water not JME3.

The simple water in JME3 would work with a hole I guess, but not the water filter

Actually you could “trick” the water filter to work by rendering an invisible-yet-depth-writing circle inside that cylinder, right before the water is rendered.

mhhhh… nice post hijack but…it may work :wink: