How can I create water in terraMonkey?


I have searched for a long time to find out the way to create water in terraMonkey, but it seems to be that I can create water area only by coding.

Coding is fine, but wysiwyg will be better. So is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

William Mo

Its a filter, the latest nightly has an editor for those.

I plan to add in a little wizard for creating water, to help with the filter process. Some time this summer.

But for now, you can do it with code or by adding filters in the editor.


maybe out of topic … but what’s the “best way” to create lakes etc. in a box world engine?

I can’t believe that a big ocean should be made with manymanymany boxes …

Should I do such “water management” with a control … which have a list of water volumes,

then each time a box at the corner of such a volume changed, this manager can update the

surface, maybe this simple surface can have the water-filter applied?

I’m asking for some inspirations :smiley:

kind regarda