How can I download the jme source code?

I have set up the wincvs client with the instruction on "". And the logging in is OK, the information is "Logging in to". But when checking out,there is nothing available, only an information which says "modules file does not contain any modules definitions".

what's wrong with it?

another question? what is the "advanced OpenGL Shading Lanaguage FX"? Is it CG? It is very exciting that jme supports CG.

You can alternatively download the nightly builds and sources from:

It's GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language). nVidia's CG tools support compiling to GLSL, as well as regular fragment/vertex shaders (which jME already supported). Someone (Patrick I think) on the forum said using Cg directly instead of GLSL is a matter of changing a constant value somewhere, but as we know Cg is nVidia only (him and me are both on Ati cards, so we didn't get to test this).