How can I import the jmonkey into the eclipse?

  How can  I import the jmonkey into the eclipse? :-)thanks

Hi jDonkey

This should get You started:

if you’re new to eclipse, you can jump right to the visual guide

@winkman: what’s that code in the url you provided?

… Just copied the address from the wiki, is something wrong with that ???

nah, it just looks strange. the wiki link is afaik . i was just wondering what the rest stands for

It seems like a PHP Session ID or a JSP Session ID.

When a PHP, JSP, ASP… server doesn't know if the client will accept cookies, it rewrites all the links in a page to include a session Id. That way it can know that the next request comes from that users. This also allows the use of web applications by clients that don't allow cookies.

Just guessing.

dokuwiki is only php and file system for storage