How can i make the main app ignore mouse interaction that happens over visible nifty gui elements?

I have my 3d view in the background and left clcik there does some interaction dependent on the state its currently in. I just added nifty gui to make a kind of menbar over the main display to select different actions. Basically a panel with some buttons on it. MY problem is this:

when there is a mouse click over a button on the nifty panel the action thats mapped to left mouse button for the main view is also executed on the spot behind the gui.

Thats built into the latest nightly version.

I already use the latest nightly, after some testing, i discovered it works as intended on buttons and controls etc. The problem only occurs when I click over a panel where there is no control.

Yeah, its based on actual mouse event consumption, so just add a void onClick() so it gets consumed.